Whose Needs Should Come First: Mine Or My Kids’?

Find out if it’s ever okay to put your own needs before those of your children.

Do you sacrifice your own needs in order to satisfy your kids? You may have your priorities all wrong.

In this video, hypnotherapist, psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Shoshana Bennett says that contrary to what many parents believe, it isn’t selfish to put your own needs first. “Selfishness implies that something is happening at someone else’s expense,” she explains. When you put your own needs before your kids, you’re not harming them at all … quite the opposite, in fact.

Dr. Shoshana compares parenthood to emergency exit instructions on airplanes. We should all place the oxygen masks over our own mouths first before assisting small children … and the same principle applies to parenting. After all, if your batteries aren’t properly charged, you certainly can’t help your kids. Want more advice? Check out the video above.

Originally posted on YourTango

Image credit: Pawel Loj

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