Everyone Loves Dr. Shosh!

"Informative, witty and highly entertaining are all qualities you look for in a guest for a talk show and Dr. Shosh is all that and much more! I rely on Dr. Shoshana Bennett as a 'Go-to' guest for things dealing with dads and moms, especially postpartum depression in both women AND MEN. Dr. Shosh has a unique way of getting to the heart of a subject and to the heart of a listener. You can actually hear her smile on the radio!"

Mike Austin

The Radio Dad

"What a great interview this morning! I learned a lot. You were great to talk to, easy to understand and you gave such practical advice and information. I know listeners will enjoy the show. Your energy is great!"

Dr. Terri Orbuch

The Love Doctor

"What a great show. You did such a great job sharing information and inspiration. I am going to join your mailing list because I would like to send an email to my network about your tele-seminars and about Postpartum Depression for Dummies. Thanks again for doing what you do. You truly make a great impact in the world."

Renee Bobb

The Renee Bobb Show

"Dr. Shosh is the perfect dream guest to have on a radio show! She brings her expertise, professionalism and humor to the interview. She goes beyond telling stories of clients, she shares her personal experience with the urgency that everyone needs to know about postpartum depression. I was honored to have had Dr. Shosh and look forward to inviting her again."

Sallie Felton

Telstar Satellite Network

"What a gift Dr. Shoshana Bennett is to every woman who has ever experienced PPD. Her compassion and kind nature allowed her to really connect with our listeners in a caring and nurturing way. Her common sense approach to this debilitating and often misunderstood condition promotes healing, support, and enlightenment for anyone connected with postpartum depression. Her deep desire to make a difference in the world was evident in each interview and in every conversation. Our door will always be open to people of her caliber. She's a keeper. I adored her from the very first conversation we had!"

Bobbie Baxter

Senior Executive Producer

"I recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Shoshana Bennett as my guest on the show. Being a leader, nationally known in the field of postpartum depression, Dr. Bennett brought her knowledge of this often undiagnosed condition along with the inspiration and hope that her solutions provide. Her easy to use guide offers quick ways to identify this condition, as well as encouragement and truly helpful suggestions for every aspect accompanying this type of depression. Dr. Bennett's style is elegant, wise, and extremely approachable and her book is truly a gift to all women everywhere."

Catherine Bradford

The Wellness Roadshow

"Dr. Bennett was the perfect guest. Prepared, upbeat, and communicates important information in a concise, accessible manner. We plan to re-air her show!"

Phyllis Chase MA, MFT

"As a radio host, one of my concerns is making my guest feel comfortable and relaxed for a live show because this can influence its 'feel' and tonality to the listener. If you are looking for a guest that is naturally at ease, exciting to talk to, interesting and animated, Dr. Shoshana Bennett is the guest for you. She's not only delightful and fun - she's quite knowledgeable."

Lesly Federici

New Mom Coach Radio

"Dr. Bennett is incredible! She was invited for multiple interviews on the show due to the high ratings her topic generated among our 44 - 55 age group. We look forward to future interview appearances with this informative guest."

Valder Beebe

The Valder Beebe Show

Photo by Garry Knight CC BY 2.0

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