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The PPD Gone! app for iPhone and Android is a great resource for those in need of support, guidance, or simply a little encouragement. With a little help, postpartum depression can be eliminated.


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It’s Easy to Use

The PPD Gone! app is easy to use. Simply scroll through and find the option that best suits your immediate needs. You can learn about the symptoms of PPD, find ways to help someone you love, or reach out directly to Dr. Shosh.

Audio Archives

Browse Dr. Shosh’s extensive audio archives and find support for yourself or your partner. Dr. Shosh has helped thousands of women not only survive, but beat postpartum depression.

Video Archives

If you’d rather watch Dr. Shosh, her video archive is almost as large as her audio archive. Her videos are a great way to feel a more personal connection with Dr. Shosh.

Postpartum Depression Resources

Whether you’re looking for a book, a website, or a free assessment, Dr. Shosh has listed nearly every important resource that you might need.

Get in Touch with Dr. Shosh

It’s almost like having your own hotline to immediate help. You can call Dr. Shosh anytime to get the information you need to get help for yourself or your partner.

Send Dr. Shosh a Message

If you’d rather not call, you can also send a confidential message to Dr. Shosh. Not to worry, she will get back to you soon.


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