Why Is My Family Being So Hard On Me Because Of My Divorce?

You’re already going through the motions. How are their snarky comments making it any better?

As if going through a divorce isn’t difficult enough, being let down by your family’s lack of support is absolutely heartbreaking. You just lost the love of your life — the fact that the people you thought you could trust to have your back don’t get why their constant jabs are so painful to deal with makes everything so much more worse.

Help! My Pregnant Wife Lost Her Libido

Will I have to wait nine months before sleeping with my wife?

When your wife is pregnant, it can be hard enough keeping up with her cravings and holding her hair back during her dreaded episodes of morning sickness. What you didn’t bargain for was her loss of sex drive. Fortunately, help is on the way.

In this instructional sex video, hypnotherapist, psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Shoshana Bennett addresses the following question: My wife is newly pregnant and already she’s lost her sex drive. Is this temporary or a sign of things to come? How can I help her to understand that sex is an important part of our marriage?

How Can I Manage My Depression While I’m Pregnant?

Don’t let your depression go untreated!

It goes without saying that depression is dangerous to pregnant moms and unborn babies. Figuring out how to deal with depression can be a bit frustrating (not to mention seriously scary), it is possible to find yourself again. Don’t ever feel like you’re going through this alone because many of us have been there before. In fact, one of our readers asked: “Dear Dr. Shosh, I’ve been on anti-depressants for many years and am worried about having to come off them to have a baby. Is anything safe when you’re pregnant? Are there other techniques that can help me?”

Whose Needs Should Come First: Mine Or My Kids’?

Find out if it’s ever okay to put your own needs before those of your children. Do you sacrifice your own needs in order to satisfy your kids? You may have your priorities all wrong. In this video, hypnotherapist, psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Shoshana Bennett says that contrary to what many parents believe, it isn’t selfish to put your own needs first. “Selfishness implies that something is happening at someone else’s expense,” she explains. When you put your own needs before your kids, you’re not harming them at all … quite the opposite, in fact.

Not So Happy Mother’s Day

Should I buy her chocolate?

Thousands of mothers will have a hard time enjoying Mother’s Day this year due to postpartum depression. One in 7 new moms get hit with this disorder, and for this 15%, Mother’s Day can be pretty tough. Most importantly, make sure she’s getting good care from a therapist who specializes in postpartum depression. Although a depressed mom may not be able to enjoy much at all these days, her mood may pick up on Mother’s Day when you take the following steps. Here are some tips to help the depressed mom in your life enjoy the day as much as possible…

Holiday Tips for Pregnant Moms

If mom is not healthy, then family isn’t healthy. Growing a human being takes a lot of energy – as a matter of fact, it can totally “zap” a pregnant mom’s strength when she least expects it. If you’re pregnant, you already know that simply walking from the kitchen to the bathroom can take the wind right out of you. First and foremost, slice your “to-do” list in half. The cookies don’t all have to be made from scratch. Then, as you’re hopping from store to store, and popping from friend to friend, make sure you catch your breath (literally) in between all those holiday errands. Give yourself some “down time”, even if it’s just resting in the car for a few minutes.