New Mommy Moods

Mom Moods - What's Normal & What's Not?

Confused about Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression? If you make a mistake, the consequences can be serious for the baby as well as the mother and rest of her family. Knowing the basics can make all the difference.

Are You Getting the Help You Need?

For over three decades, professionals working with new parents have requested my help. Many of these excellent practitioners have been confused about how to recognize a mental health problem following the birth. Still today the right questions are often not asked, and/or the answers are not interpreted correctly. This continues to create serious problems within the family, unfortunately including suicide or other devastating consequences. The gold standard for all professionals working with pregnant and new parents is to provide basic information regarding postpartum mental health challenges so help will be requested quickly if needed. Throughout the 4 sections of this course you will gain a tremendous number of practical how-to’s that you can immediately apply in your personal and/or professional lives.


How This Course Will Help You

  • Differentiate between moods that are expected as opposed to what requires professional intervention
  • Learn tools to assess whether you or someone else is experiencing a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder
  • Hear questions to ask her that will help make it clear if a disorder is present
  • Understand what steps to take if help is needed
  • Identify new father depression which can be different from mom depression
  • Avoid doing or saying the “wrong” things
  • Recover from PPD (and related disorders) and prevent future postpartum mental health challenges
  • Know specifics about sleep and nutrition for recovery that aren’t taught anywhere else
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