Advanced Course

Jump Start 

Now that you’ve ingested the material from the Basic Course, we can delve into each area and get into the meat of the issues – what actually arises in my office, how the challenges are handled, and information you won’t receive in other perinatal courses.

Are You Stumped on How to Help New Parents?

For over thirty years I have seen and heard (and personally experienced) the pitfalls that arise with faulty thinking and behavior while expecting children and as new parents. Professionals and parent advocates working with these populations are often stumped regarding how to correct issues and help guide expectant and new parents into a healthy life.


Learn What to Watch For & Promote Health in These Key Areas

  • Myths & Fantasies of Parenthood
  • Wishes & Expectations of New Parents
  • Husbands & Partners
  • Attachment Science & Truth vs. Attachment Parenting Falsehoods
  • Food & The Brain
  • Sleep & Serotonin
  • Exercise & Endorphins
  • Emotional Support
  • Physical Support
  • Emotional Reactions During Pregnancy & Postpartum
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