The 4 Myths About Pregnancy

Here’s what to really expect when you’re expecting.

Many women wonder why nobody told them that pregnancy not always rosy. It’s impossible to know ahead of time how you’re going feel during a pregnancy, so don’t be surprised if you’re up, down and all over the place.

There are many fantasies and myths surrounding pregnancy, and here are the top five:

1. You’re supposed to be happy and glowing. It’s normal to feel nauseated, tired, forgetful and moody at times during your pregnancy.  It’s not realistic to assume you’ll be happy every second.  It’s tough to suddenly not be able to do certain activities you love or eat what you want.  You’re sharing your body with someone else, and that’s quite an adjustment.

2. Now that you’re expecting, your couple issues will go away. Quite the contrary, whatever couple issues are present often become inflamed during pregnancy. Even if you’re both distracted from the couple problems now, this is the time to get help. Don’t wait, since it will become even more stressful when the baby comes and you’ll have less time and energy to deal with them then.

3. All that should matter is that your baby is healthy. If you’re experiencing gender disappointment, for instance, you might be hearing others around you say, “As long as the baby’s healthy, that’s all that matters.” You’re allowed to feel disappointment and you’ll move through it. In good time after you meet your baby, you’ll be fine with the gender. You might also be disappointed with aspects of your labor and delivery or other topics, so make sure you talk these through with a wonderful nonjudgmental support person.

4. You should be bonding with your baby already. Bonding is a process of getting to know each other that happens over time. It’s fine if you’re not yet feeling close to this being growing inside you. It’s not hurting the baby emotionally or anything of the kind. Even if you have thoughts of, “I wish I weren’t pregnant!”,  the baby is not picking up on your vibes. It’s not personal, and this doesn’t mean anything about what kind of mom you’ll be. Once you meet, the process of bonding will begin and you’ll see that you’ll start feeling closer to your baby.

Image credit: J.K. Califf

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