How To Help Your Hubby Avoid Packing On Holiday Pounds

3 tips to help him stay trim over the holidays!

In general, it’s safe to say that women are more conscious about what we put into our bodies than men are. That typically comes from lots of conditioning regarding our appearances. Unless your guy is particularly aware of health or concerned about his weight, even a very intelligent man will tend to eat just because the food is in front of him.

Rather than shooting your wonderful man a demeaning look when he overeats or indulges in lots of sugar, help him. Chances are, he’ll be grateful and totally on board. Here are some tips for you to lovingly support him during the holidays:

1. Offer him some protein before going to any holiday celebration. Protein helps keep the blood sugar level even, which greatly cuts sweet cravings. Avoiding walking into a party ravenous with low blood sugar will help him tremendously.  Some egg or chicken salad, a protein shake, or a couple of slices of deli meat will probably do the trick.

2. Suggest that he eats protein for breakfast before heading to work. Most of us know firsthand what happens in an office during the month of December! On many colleagues’ desks, in the conference room, and just about everywhere candy, cookies and brownies abound.  If you’re in charge of breakfast, it will be easy to add an egg to the piece of toast or melt some cheese on it. If you’re on the run to work as well, get some frozen sausages that can be simply heated before you both take off.

3. Encourage your husband to snack throughout the day. Of course it depends what he’s snacking on, but eating something healthful every three hours can help ward off binging at 4 p.m. when a client hands him a pound of walnut fudge. If he carries a briefcase or other bag to work, pop some nuts or protein bars in the bag with a love note of, “Thinking about you,” or simply, “I love you.”

As you see, these suggestions aren’t about taking anything away or depriving your husband of holiday delights. It’s about adding food that can naturally curb his overeating. By the way, feel free to join him with these changes — it’s good for you too, and it’s fun to eat this way together!

Image credit: Phil Gradwell

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