How Can I Manage My Depression While I’m Pregnant?

Don’t let your depression go untreated!

It goes without saying that depression is dangerous to pregnant moms and unborn babies. Figuring out how to deal with depression can be a bit frustrating (not to mention seriously scary), it is possible to find yourself again. Don’t ever feel like you’re going through this alone because many of us have been there before. In fact, one of our readers asked: “Dear Dr. Shosh, I’ve been on anti-depressants for many years and am worried about having to come off them to have a baby. Is anything safe when you’re pregnant? Are there other techniques that can help me?”

Hypnotherapist and psychologist Dr. Shoshana Bennett addresses the complicated issue of how to manage your depression during pregnancy perfectly. First, she mentions that “For each woman and couple, it’s important to think about the treatment options [for depression], ideally before you get pregnant.” She goes on to say that “Depression in pregnancy can hurt everyone, including the baby, so treatment of some kind is essential.” She suggests working with a psychiatrist who has the specialized clinical expertise you need. This may or not be the current psychiatrist you have been working with. Many women also stay on their meds since that is what is best for them. Other women are advised to wean off or take different ones depending on the type of medication they are taking. It is highly important to meet with your doctor before making any major decisions about your medication. Think of the safety of your baby before you do anything.

Originally posted on YourTango

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